We partnered with Absen to provide you with the Absen Certified Technician (ACT) workshop, unlike the Absen Certified Engineer (ACE) program you are not required to be a business partner or owner of Absen products.  This is the first and only Absen certification program of its kind, tailored for technicians and freelancers. 

This three-day program covers the basics up through more advanced techniques with Absen LED products.  We give you the opportunity to troubleshoot real-life scenarios with extensive hands-on training.  

ACT Key Topics

-Absen Product Line – What to Use & When

-Hardware Installation, Troubleshooting & Maintenance

-Hands-On with Nova Star Controllers and Software

-Basic Training on the Mapping of Screens

-Mapping 4k or Larger Screens

-Setting-up & Mapping Creative Displays

-Overview of Calibration Settings

*Students must provide a PC laptop with Windows 7 or 10

**Must Pass Written & Hands-On Exam to be Certified



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