Orlando, Florida, USA (August 15, 2018) – Evolve Media Group has officially launched the Life of Live. The Life of Live is a commitment to the industry, and those in it, to talk about the things that matter to the people that keep the industry going day after day.

The Life of Live consists of a web page, podcasts, blogs, as well as opinion pieces submitted by people within the industry. The Life of Live Page acts as an evolving resource on all things AV, changing with the industry over time.

This page (life of live page link) is home to Showgirls (link to landing page), a photo series with interviews from female technicians about what it’s like to work in a male dominated field; as well as The Craft (link to The Craft blog post), an ongoing mini-doc series that focuses on different technicians within the industry and takes a critical look at what it takes to stay on top in live events.

Have you ever thought about writing an industry related article for your peers? Email blogs@evolvemediagroup.com with your write up or topic idea!

Note: Not all topics submitted end up on the Life of Live page.