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Panasonic PT-RQ32K

Panasonic PT-RZ120

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Panasonic PT-RZ31K

30,000 Lumen, HD, 3-Chip DLP Projector; this beast is built to tackle the most extreme venues, from large outdoor mapping installations to the largest televised award shows.

Panasonic PT-RQ32K

The PT-RZ31K’s near identical brother, providing 4K images at a massive scale with 27,000 Lumens.

Panasonic PT-RQ22k

The smallest and lightest projector in its class boasting 20,000 lumens and beyond 4K resolution. This 3-Chip DLP projector is a game changer, perfect for large events that need dazzling 4K imagery.

Panasonic PT-RZ21k

20,000 Lumen, HD, 3-Chip DLP Projector; with the power, endurance, and detail for the most demanding tasks. This projector answers the call for laser projectors in the 20,000 Lumen range and it pairs seamlessly with the PT-RZ12K.

Panasonic PT-RZ12k

12,000 Lumen, 3-chip DLP Projector; this is the ultimate day-in and day-out workhorse projector and the perfect co-pilot to the PT-RZ21K.

Panasonic PT-RZ120

12,000 lm brightness, 1-Chip DLP Projector; this powerful and compact projector makes it possible for everyone to level up to laser as the most affordable laser projector in the lineup.

Panasonic PT-RZ970

10,000 Lumen Single-Chip DLP Projector; designed with meticulous practicality while providing exceptional picture quality. This nimble projector is perfect for a big impact within a small venue.

Panasonic PT-RZ770

7,000 Lumen Single-Chip DLP Projector; perfect for breakout rooms and budget conscious shows. Without the expensive lamps to replace, these laser projectors with a 20,000-hour guarantee are a no-brainer.

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