Professional development doesn’t happen overnight

But we figured out the next best thing.


Any industry suffers when it becomes stagnant. Intelligent, driven and versatile individuals are what drive our industry forward, not the equipment. That’s why our focuses a company isn’t just on the material side of live events. It’s on the personal too. The Evolve Academy takes a utilitarian approach to learning. One to three-day workshops that target specific tools of the trade. Whether you’re looking to be a Panasonic or Barco Certified Projection Specialist, an Event Master Engineer or an LED Technician, we have a hands-on approach that gives a great deal of time on the equipment. Because we’ve been there, we are there, and we want your training to be as applicable as possible to your everyday workplace tasks. We do it quickly, so you can turn around and put your knowledge to use right away.

Get a hands-on learning experience, regardless of experience.

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned vet, the Evolve Academy can help you further your career. We offer a wide variety of workshops to keep you current and competitive in an ever-evolving industry. Our training centers are fully immersive; meaning you get to touch, tinker with and use all the same equipment you use on the job. We keep our workshops small, so our expert instructors can prioritize your individual needs. We’re right there by your side showing you the ropes, and even letting you work through a few mistakes. We also offer private on-site training for those who can’t make it to one of our locations.

We won’t let a lack of time or money be a roadblock to your future.

Most workshops can be completed in a few short days.


In an industry of constant change and innovation, training is an essential part of a well-rounded, knowledgeable professional. Evolve Academy provides the best in education series, lectures, and product demos in order to enhance the expertise amongst individuals in our ever-evolving industry. Take a look at our current workshops below. For Barco Certified workshops, follow the links to the Barco Training Portal.

Production Switcher Workshop
Panasonic Geometry Manager Pro
Color Matching Workshop
Analog Way LivePremiere Advanced Certification
Dataton Watchout- Certified User
Panasonic UC4000 Hands-On Look and Learn
disguise Fundamentals
Playback/Record Operator
LED Engineering
Gift Cards
E2 for LED Workshop
Barco Certified Operator and Specialist
AV Stumpfl Pixera Workshop
Analog Way LiveCore Online
Projection Workshop