Professional development doesn’t happen overnight

But we figured out the next best thing.

Any industry suffers when it becomes stagnant. Intelligent, driven, and versatile individuals are what drive our industry forward, not the equipment. That’s why our focus as a company isn’t just on the material side of live events, it’s on the personal too. The Evolve Academy takes a utilitarian approach to learning. Whether you are looking to be a Panasonic Certified Projection Specialist or want classes on Projection Basics, we are here to help you achieve your goals. We teach you the stuff you’re actually going to use out in the field, stuff like – LED essentials, projection blending and warping, camera engineering, and technical direction – because we’ve been there, we are there, and we want your education to be as applicable as possible to what you will be doing everyday, so that it is more valuable. And, we do it quickly so you can turn around and put your knowledge to use right away.


Get a hands-on learning experience, regardless of experience.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned vet, the Evolve Academy can help you build a knowledge base from scratch through the Trailhead Program, or you can add skills through a la carte workshops to keep you current and competitive in this ever-evolving industry. Our training centers are fully immersive; meaning you get to touch, tinker-with, and use all the same equipment you would use on the job. We keep our workshops small, so our expert instructors can prioritize your individual needs, be by your side to show you the ropes, and even let you make a few mistakes.

We won’t let a lack of time or money be a roadblock to your future.

We understand that real world learning requires flexibility. You can take workshops at night or online to best leverage your time, keep your personal and family life intact, and work around any existing professional commitments. Also, who wants to spend years in school only to go into debt? Not us, and definitely not you. Most workshops can be completed in a matter of weeks and are budget friendly.


In an industry of constant change and innovation, training is an essential part of a well-rounded, knowledgeable professional. Evolve Academy provides the best in education series, lectures, and product demos in order to enhance the expertise amongst individuals in our ever-evolving industry. Take a look at our current workshops below. For Barco Certified workshops, follow the links to the Barco Training Portal.

Records Operator
Absen Certified Technician
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E2 Advanced- LED Setup
Camera Operator Basics
Barco Certified Specialist
Analog Way LiveCore Online
Projection Warp and Blending
Projection Basics
Camera Engineering