The LED Week Set List!

Day 01

NovaStar VX6S

The NovaStar VX6S is a 6 input, 3 layer multi-window scaling LED processor. This is the scaling processor you need for a pixel pitch of 2.5 mm or less. The VX6S offers USB playback with a built-in media player. The media player software, which is embedded in the hardware, allows you to loop content; making it perfect for exhibition booths, lobby exhibits, or anywhere you want unattended playback for long periods of time.

Day 02

Absen Polaris Series

The Polaris was built with you in mind and is the ultimate one person installation option for LED. Quick service of the power box with the advanced auto locking and ejecting system make set up and live maintenance a breeze. The New Polaris Series also offers a brighter picture, higher contrast, and is 20% lighter than regular units.

Day 03

George Ray AMA

George Ray has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is widely known as an expert on all things LED. We decided to give people a chance to ask the master any LED questions they can think up.

Day 04

LED Tips & Tricks

George Ray tackles the most common issues people face when using LED and created this guide to help you.

Day 05

If you want an LED partner, we’re here for you.

LED has become a dominant element in the live event production industry.  When Evolve decided to offer LED, we made sure to do it right by offering a 360-degree solution. We visited manufacturers to conduct extensive product research. We hired a knowledgeable team of experts.  We implemented comprehensive processes before receiving a single panel into inventory. Let Evolve help you grow your business by simplifying the process of owning and providing LED to your clients. 


Absen Altair Series

Some of the most exciting LED news this year is the announcement that Evolve is the official launch customer for Absen’s Altair Series. The Evolve team is excited to bring a total of 1,000 tiles of the indoor Altair 3.75mm LED solution into its’ growing inventory. 

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