Connect with Robert

Robert Huskey
Vice President of Operations

Robert tackles projects and assignments at Evolve like a champion defensive lineman. He’s the go-getter we can always rely on, keeping our team on track and at the top of their game. He’s in charge of managing everything logistical here at Evolve, including employee management, scheduling, equipment rental/delivery, vendor relationships, and much more. He ensures that we’ve got everything in its place so that we can deliver a quality product day in and day out.

Born in California and raised in Minnesota, Robert’s career spans nearly three decades in the staging industry. Over the years, he’s worked for major companies like Blumberg Communications, AVHQ/PSAV and Strong Communications. For more than 21 years, he’s lived and worked in Orlando, Florida.

When Robert’s not in the office or on-site at client events, he’s perfecting his putt and mastering his drive on the golf course—usually on the greens and fairways of Grande Pines in Orlando.