5 Reasons To Love AV Stumpfl Screens

1. Family Owned & Operated

Like Evolve, AV Stumpfl is a family owned business that works to keep its employee’s work life balance a top priority. Father Reinhold Stumpfl started the company in the small town of Wallern Austria. In 2018 he passed CEO duties to his sons Tobias and Fabian. They work to keep the company and the local community strong and take pride in doing things the right way. 

2. An Eye for Design

AV Stumpfl has a long history of developing quality products that solve problems. They bring the European eye for quality and design to the production line. Each product developed not only works perfectly but looks good while doing it. Their mobile screen frames are made with a matte aluminum that is light and sturdy yet easily fits in with any modern design.  As any tech can tell you, the quick lock hinges make setup and break down a breeze.

 3. Quality Through & Through

Their manufacturing is in-house at their facility in Wallern. They have full control of the process and perform quality control inspections and checks at every possible point. They have even gone so far as to build expansion buildings that incorporate R&D dedicated solely to improving the quality and ease of use of their products.

4. Service & Support

With their 24-hour hotline, instructional PDF’s, and location training AV Stumpfl supports their catalog and knows the value of ensuring that the proper usage of their products is vital to continued success in the live events market. They also make available almost every piece and part of their screens and frames for owners to repair and extend the quality and life of their screens. 

5. A Name That Matters

AV Stumpfl is a household name when it comes to screens in the live event market, and it’s no small thing to say that they set the bar for quality and design. On show site, their logo is what every technician hopes to see when setting up twenty 9x16 screens in breakout rooms!   

Did you know we’re a distributor for AV Stumpfl screens & media servers?